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   Product Quality and Specifications:

The brass fittings of POATS have a copper component that is about 60% of the Alloy mix, the remaining mix being Zinc that is about 38.5%, and Lead, Aluminum etc that are less than 1.5%.  As a general rule, for casting, we follow GB8625: 1993 of the Bureau of China Standards.

   POATS ensures a plated finishing thickness of 0.3-0.7microns of Chrome and 10-14 microns of nickel. The POATS' chrome plating has a reputation of consistency and endurance acquired through scores of satisfied customers over the years.

    POATS is consciously implementing similar rigid standards for its premium fittings and finishes. POATS uses rubber, plastic and silicon components that bear the maximum stress in most sanitary fittings, of the very highest in quality. Rubber parts have elongation strengths of more than 350% while the tensile strength is more than 150kgF/sq.cm.

    POATS fittings are tested for smoothness of operation, alignment among various parts, size, weight as well as flow and leakage in addition to the points mentioned above. Pressure test is done at various stages of manufacturing ranging from 300 PSI to 75 PSI

Series I: Big Kitchen Tap
Series IV:  Double Lever Swivel Tap
Series III: Single Lever Swivel Tap
Series II: Pull-Out Tap

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