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    A good kitchen cabinet design is very important if you want to get the most storage use out of the storage space you already have available. 
    More importantly when you are designing a new kitchen is should be a goal that you want to achieve with your finished design.
    The doors for kitchen cabinets come in three styles: slab, recessed panel or raised panel and along with this there are many cabinet design styles to choose from also.

 POATS can offer you full overlay doors and standard reveal doors.   
    Full Overlay doors have little or no visible frame and prominently feature the design. Decorative hardware is usually necessarey open cabinets.
    Standard Reveal styles have 1`` of visible frame when door or drawer is closed. Decorative hardware is not a necessity, But a option.
    Five door style options: Flat Panel, Flat Panal-in-frame,Raised Panel-in-frame, Eyebrow Arch,Cathedral Arch.

 The addition of decorative moldings can make a dramatic difference in the architectural style of your home and accent the cabinetry.
    It's easy to add drama just about anywhere with detailed moldings...get beautiful effects, dimension and texture by combining several moldings to create an impressive build-up.
    Open cabinets provide endless ways to show off collectibles, mementos and fine dishware. 

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